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​​Dr. Shawn Steinborn

​​​Men's Health

Beginning around age 30, male testosterone levels can decline by roughly 1% per year.  This not only decreases vitality, but also can lower productivity, sexuality and may increase irritability.  If lowered testosterone levels are affecting you, give us a call and we'll see if beginning treatment might be beneficial for you.  We will take a health history, run appropriate laboratory tests and come up with a plan to meet your needs.  

Some signs and symptoms of reduced testosterone production can include:  

Poor Memory

Inability to Concentrate

Low Energy


Decreased Bone Density

Unfortunate Fat Distribution

Decreased Libido

​Decreased Sperm Production

Poor Sleep​

Low Self-confidence

Reduced Muscle Mass

Erectile Dysfunction

Anxiety or Depression


Generally, men's testosterone therapy consists of weekly injections into the gluteal muscle or daily topical application of testosterone cream.  We've noticed that the injections seem to be a bit more effective.  We will discuss which option might be better for you.  Also, as testosterone levels increase with treatment, estrogen levels also rise.  Managing estrogen levels is a very important part of treatment.  We will help you keep levels of both hormones in check.